Monday, January 16, 2006

The gossip about Rod Smith vs. Jim Davis

So what about the candidates? We actually didn't go hear either of them speak at the convention. I had already heard both of them speak previously so I skipped that. I did notice however that all of the leaders at the convention were wearing Jim Davis buttons, not Ron Smith buttons and I wondered why. Interestingly the gossip that was buzzing around about the two candidates answered that question.
According to the gossip, Rod Smith has a habit of changing his message to accommodate what ever group he's talking to and he panders to their needs. Jim Davis on the other hand, according to the gossip, has gone around the state and talked to the Democratic Leadership. Even the lowliest of positions, like school board members of small insignificant districts have not been by-passed. People say that he has been straight with them. He has explained his vision, what he hopes to do and what he knows he will have difficulty doing with the Republican Party in control of both legislative bodies. They are impressed with his candor, doesn't make false promises, he's realistic and that's why so many of the leaders have vowed to try and help him get elected to office.
So my take on the situation: both men are qualified and both have served their country well, but it might be that we need a straight shooter right now in Tallahassee.

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