Sunday, January 29, 2006

Democrats -- Defining our Message

I went to get a new pair of glasses yesterday. The Ophthalmologist doing my eye exam noticed my little donkey pin on my purse and opened a coversation about politics, obviously wanting to talk about her views and feeling somewhat safe after seeing the donkey.

In the course of our converstation she said this:

My friends want our government to --"INVEST --IN --THE --FUTURE."

Concerning environmental we want to see" WISE --USES --OF --OUR --RESOURCES."

Concerning terrorism:

My Ophthalmologist is in her 30's. She is a Chinese American.

If the Democrats are trying to find thier message, will someone please tell Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Howard Dean, and Hillary Clinton?

Really, this is not rocket science.


Anonymous said...

Your trip to get your glasses fixed and what you learned .. here are my words that the system would not respond so I could post them

Well Martie----Let's take her words, edit them a little, add one each for energy and healthcare and send them to all at state and federal level. Use your blog as the mechanism for them to respond if they want to .. I will be glad to help . You wanted to see and your gained a vision far beyond your wildest imagination. The message is at our fingertips. Let's run with it!
her sentiment about fear and terrorism I second.
the republicans are marketing fear that is all they have to sell but people buy into it .
we have to figure out a new way of saying the Democrats will be alert to terror in ways the republicans have not .
here we are now more than four years and there still is no security at seaports , on public transportation or in cargo bays of planes.

Anonymous said...

Your opthalmologist sounds like a very thoughtful person and it sounds like you had a fruitful discussion.

I think most voters want to know what Democrats will actually do for them, rather that just hear a diatribe of criticism about Republicans. Of course, there is plenty to criticize, but voters want positive proposals for change. For example, let's have a well formulated plan to get out of Iraq!

This is why I think the Seminole Democrats plan to have a pre-State-of-the-Union-Speach demonstration in front of the Altamonte Mall is a very poor one and makes us look like a bunch of whiners and complainers with no positive message for change. I am convinced that voters want concrete, positive solutions. Anti-Bush demonstrations like this one are counter-productive, and may actually harm our image if all we can do is complain.