Sunday, December 11, 2005

Why I felt totally discouraged after the FDP convention

I walked away from the convention on Saturday night, feeling totally discouraged with the whole political process in America. What is becoming evident to me is that our leaders are out of touch with the common person. We show up to these political events, they give some political speeches that stir our emotions. They make sure they talk about the things they think we care about to stir our passions, so we will get excited and want to go out there and help them get elected. As soon as they get elected, the fail to deliver even a public debate on any of the issues that got us involved in the first place. They use us to get re-elected every four years. We are their guinea pigs to help them perfect the message that they use over and over again to get us involved. When they go to Washington or Tallahassee and do their thing, it seldom benefits us.
I only heard one speaker that really talked about something that I cared about, Ron Klein. He was the only one who addressed the fact that we, as a party, need to deliver a promise to the future: end this Iraq war by weaning our society of oil. That needs to be a priority for this country and he wanted to get elected to office so he could help make that happen. I laughed though when he said he was going to do it by 2012! It showed me that he had absolutely no real knowledge of the issue other than, we ought to do it. If he had said by 2025, I would have thought he was being optimistic But the important thing was that he was the only one who really spoke to this issue!

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