Sunday, December 04, 2005

Treehugger Awards

I am encouraged by what I read in Newsweek and Businessweek recently. It appears that big corporations are beginning to see that Global Warming is an issue that can impact the bottom line. Here are some mentioned companies:
Here are Newsweeks Tree Hugger companies
Ten Eco-Friendly Companies Alternative-energy projects used to be the stuff of high-school science fairs. But pricey oil has changed the game, and the stories of these firms show that new technologies are winning over investors and customers, as well as saving the environment.

1. Harnessing Hydrogen Hydrogenics: Building markets for fuel-cell tech. A big bonus: byproducts can quench a thirst.

2. Farming New Fuels Seattle Biodiesel: It makes an alternative fuel derived from vegetable oil that burns clean

3. Soaking Up the Sun Miasole: Developing new ways, besides silicon, to capture the sun's rays and create energy

4. Go With the Guts Svenska Biogas: Burning animal innards to fuel a locomotive. Up next: fuel from corn sludge.

5. A Sterling Solution STM Power: A modern twist on the Stirling engine, including a 'Fumes to Fuel' idea for Ford

6. A New Power Paradigm Ion America: Developing solid oxide fuel cells that could put a power plant in your basement

7. A Great Wall of Wind Farsighted Group: Using local technology to build the world's biggest market for wind power

8. A Very Light Touch PowerLight: Making solar systems pay off for homeowners, businesses and governments

9. Flights of Fancy SunPower Corp.: Its solar-panel tech is highly efficient, and its esthetics are better for homes

10. A Jolt of Conservation Comverge, Inc.: Its technology cuts power usage and saves money for utility customers

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Here are Business Weeks Tree Hugger Companies: ( a suprising list)

1DuPont --Reduced energy consumption 7% below 1990 levels, saving more than $2 billion -- including at least $10 million a year by using renewable sources

2 BP --Reached its 2010 GHG reduction target in 2001. Increased valuation by $650 million through improvements in operating efficiency and energy management

3 Bayer --Boosting energy efficiency also avoided $850 million in investments that otherwise would have been required, because production grew 22%

4 BT --Low-carbon and renewable sources provide 98% of its electricity in Britain, saving $1.1 billion. Adding 38% reduction in vehicle emissions almost doubles savings

5 Alcoa --Slashed emissions of perfluorocarbon (PFC) gas from aluminum smelters by 80%. Expects annual cost savings to reach $100 million next year

6 IBM --Tonnage cuts are from just higher energy efficiency. The reduction triples if other CO2 and PFC cleaning-solvent emissions are included. Total savings: $791 million

7 Catalyst Paper --Substantially lower CO2 emissions stem from efficiency initiatives that have netted savings of more than $17 million over the past 10 years

8 STMicroelectronics --Since 1994, CO2 emissions have been progressively curtailed with better energy practices. Efficiency savings now exceed $100 million a year

9 3M --By cutting energy consumption, 3M has saved more than $190 million since 1990

10 Iberdrola --Tonnage was avoided with renewable fuels, but total emissions grew in 2004. Biomass investments -- $12.7 billion since 2001 -- will yield 5,500 megawatts in 2008

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