Friday, September 05, 2008

John McCain and Sarah Palin and the World Population Clock

Our current population in the US is 301,139,947. The US population is expected to grow to over 400,000,00 by 2030. John McCain and Sarah Palin live in their own world and are out of touch with reality. If every woman has five kids we will grow much larger than 400 million. Motherhood is a great thing but it's important to understand that our Earth has limitations.
The world population as of July 2008, was estimated to be just over 6.692 billion. By 2050 we will be looking at over 9 billion people living on the planet. That is 3 billion more people than there are living on this planet today. How will all of those people be fed and clothed and given shelter without totally wiping out the natural world and most of the species living on this planet?

These two people are living on their own reality. They are not realistic in their expectations about the capacity of our planet to support our limitless consumption and growth. Their vision is one that lived in the past, when the world was not facing the prospects of 9 billion people. He is going to cut funds to the United Nation? Really? That will only make the world hate us even more. It is estimated that over 2 billion people currently live on less than $1.00 day. McCain is going to pull out the funds that help feed these people. And he thinks that will make use safe and prosperous? Really? HELLO... is anyone home?

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IS LED BY NONE said...

Excellent post! The cause of so many worldwide hardships is overpopulation, and under these very real circumstances, excessive reproduction is no virtue.

There is definitely an evolutionary drive to continue one's DNA, but why can't we control ourselves to one child per person, or two children per couple?