Sunday, August 31, 2008

Planet Hazard

Found a great website that has a way to organize and list our planet's greatest polluters.

This is the kind of information that the Bush administration is trying to make less assessable. Here is a good example of why he would be nervous. It brings transparency to many of the corporate practices that are allowed to happen because of campaign contributions and lobbyist who bribe the leadership of this country.

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nltnjnns said...

Hi Martie -

Thanks for this post. I will bookmark the Planet Hazard website.

I checked my county (Ellis) in one of the most polluting states in the nation (Texas).

Our congressional representative is known as Smokestack Joe (Barton). He is bought and paid for by the various polluting industries in the area.

He denies global warming, and has personally disrespected Al Gore at the congressional hearings last year.

Needless to say, he will be our representative until he either becomes a lobbyist for the industry or dies.

In either event, the pollution industries will find another Smokestack Somebody, run adds on the local C&W stations about how he is for family values and against the tax and spend liberals. And the 67% gun carrying Republicans will mindlessly vote him into office.

I rant. Again, thanks for this post.