Saturday, January 12, 2008

Why do people run from environmantal issues?

Why more people aren’t aware of green issues? That is the question I have been pondering this week.

I wish Green/Environmental issues could a little more “fun.” They are so serious and most people shy away from them. We need to find a way to make people feel good about being eco-friendly.
I found a good example this week by accident.

Someone very close to me is fighting cancer. The treatment for cancer this particular type of cancer is radiology and chemotherapy. We went to visit the radiologist this week and when I walked in to the office, I was totally surprised. I found the waiting room to be most interesting. It had an atmosphere that was very uplifting. The waiting room was filled with bright wonderful murals. The music was uplifting; the receptionist knew everyone by name and greeted them cheerfully. There were home made cookies and goodies for patients to eat. The décor looked more like an exotic vacation resort that reminded people of pleasant places. Even though it was a doctor’s office delivering radiology to very ill patients, it felt good to be there.

I know for myself, when the possibility of cancer first came to light, after the initial shock; I tricked myself into thinking “everything would be just fine.” I was in a state of denial for several weeks. Like Scarlet O’Hara in Gone with the Wind, I simply could not think about it and had to go on like nothing had changed. I think sometimes environmental messages of doom and glooms are similar. We hear it but then we go into a state of denial and pretend that it won’t impact us and that everything will be OK. I have moved from a state of panic and fear, to a denial and finally acceptance and trying to find a plan of action that will generate positive results. I still have to believe that everything will be OK or I could not get up in the morning…

I feel those same things when I think about environmental issues that we are facing in the next fifty to one hundred years. It’s too big of a problem for one person to face.
How do we take on the problem so we can begin healing and keep a positive mental outlook? How do we change our behavior and our consumption habits so that we can begin to heal? How do we make others understand why this is a serious issue but still give them hope?

The radiation therapy is going to be a very painful experience. The end result is supposed to make it better though; at least we hope. Going to the doctor’s office however will be a pleasant experience. How can we make going to the Green Doctor and learning how to live Green be a more satisfactory experience?

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