Friday, May 26, 2006

Ken Lay and the Enron Boys found guilty

Ignorance Claim Did Not Sway Enron Jury

GW Bush and the connection to the Enron Boys

Can people honestly believe that Ken Lay won't be pardoned by his pal GW Bush? Wasn't Ken Lay one of the biggest Bush supporters? Didn't half of Enron go to work for GW Bush or at least help hire almost everyone who works in the administration? Can we forget so easily that Ken Lay let GW Bush use the Enron jets to fly around this county while campaigning for his presidency? Do they not think that Enron’s business practices were condoned by our president with a smile and a wink? Does the American public not know that the Enron boys are the ones who helped draft or current energy policy? Are we really that gullible? Will the media forget to mention these things?

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