Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Haditha, Iraq Massacre and our soliders

Murders are found in every profession: postal workers, preachers, stock brokers, mothers, fathers, wayward children, etc. Unfortunately for us, when the murderer happens to be wearing a military uniform, it makes everyone in this country look like murders too because we've allowed it to happen. The recent news of the massacre in Hadithat, Iraq does NOT make me think that every American solider in Iraq is a monster. It is however, unfortunate that we have yet another black eye because of our involvment in this war. I don't think this is what anyone wanted to happen. Why have we allowed our country to be drug through the mud and be forced to wear this shame? We are not bad people, but the majority of people who voted for the neo-cons were fooled by a group of politicians who implied they spoke for God.
What kind of person would boast in the name of war and say, "Bring it on!" I'm sorry Mr. Bush, your apology is NOT accepted. It isn't good enough to just say, "gee-wiz, I'm sorry!" SAYING I'M SORRY DOESN'T MAKE IT OK! PLEASE RESIGN.

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