Friday, September 16, 2005

Criminal Negligence

Who is going to prosecute the government officials that were criminally negligent in allowing this debacle in New Orleans to happen? Who shall we prosecute first? The Governor, the Mayor, the head of FEMA, the head of homeland security, the President? They all were negligent! How much money did our government spend “studying” the problem with the levees in New Orleans? Not only did they know that this could happen but they didn’t do anything about it.

I can not believe that people are hailing Bush for his speech where he said he was “taking full responsibility for the Federal Government’s poor response!” His media handlers realized that saying, “ no one could have predicted,” wouldn’t cut it so they reworded his response to say, “ no one could have controlled this event." Wrong President Bush, we could have controlled this. We could have spent money to fix the levee, instead of tax cuts for the wealthy. We could have spent money on a real evacuation plan instead of spending billions on infrastructure in other countries.

I heard one person say that Bush’s speech was a “defining moment” in his presidency and that it was up there with Franklin D. Roosevelt. (!!!) We are a nation of idiots if we believe on word Bush says. Bush is a hypocrite! He is the master of “bait and switch.” He has done this so many times. He will say one thing and do the exact opposite.
--The clean sky initiative/roll back pollution laws
-- Boys Club is doing a great job/cut funds
--Healthy Forests/open to logging


So some Republicans are upset about his proposal for the Federal Government to aide in the rebuilding of New Orleans. Don’t worry; he is just doing what he does best, say one thing and do the exact opposite.

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Thomas said...

New Orleans is an unatural disaster... more specifically an environmental disaster.

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