Monday, September 12, 2005

Bushs Trifecta plus one

Bush’s Trifecta plus one
The Internet Bubble bursting
September 11
The Iraq War
Unfortunately, all of these events played in to the hands of the conservative agenda and strengthened the Bush agenda. Now Hurricane Katrina and the disastrous responses of the government agencies are on the table. The conservatives' media-handlers are starting to define the debate. You can already hear the conservatives getting on message. The Cato Handbook to Congress gives you a peak into how this will be spun.

In the Cato’s Handbook to Congress, they spell out which “costly agencies” the Congress should cut. Among their suggested list are:

Federal Emergency Management Agency
Department of Agriculture
Department of the Interior
Department of Transportation
Department of Veterans Affairs
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
U.S. Information Agency
Tennessee Valley Authority
Small Business Administration
Corporation for National and Community Service
Legal Services Corporation
Appalachian Regional Commission
Peace Corps

We are already starting to hear the talking points for this disaster. The Right-Wing spin has already begun. The bureaucracies failed. Private business and citizens responded better than the government. The government has large budget and are not only negligence, but the are also arrogant.

You just wait, they will use this disaster to spin the argument of accountability in the direction of the Cato Institute’s doctrine, "
"Kill the Government."

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