Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A Steven Jobs for the Green Movement: Shai Agassi

Picture: Grist and BetterPlace
Grist pointed me to a new name in the Green movement. Shai Agassi is hailed and the visionary of the Green Movement and the in His blog is "The Long Tailpipe." His company: " A Better Place." He has been featured in magazine after magazine. He was a speaker at TED.

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Johnson County Equality Project said...

I love your blog! I thought I would share with you a video I made for Oxfam that discusses the affect of climate change on the human population. It also encourages everyone to go and visit a website where they can sign a petition telling our world's leaders that we want to see action on climate change at the Copenhagen summit later this year. I thought the video might be of interest to you.
Here's a link:

With peace,