Saturday, November 08, 2008

Change Gov's website

For those who are too busy to watch the news regularly, there is now a website that will keep tabs on what President Obama is working on regularly. Obama emphasized that we can't just "elect him" and then forget about it. The opposition will be working around the clock to figure out how to win back the presidency and to regain power in Washington. So we can't become indifferent. Now is the time for citizens to become involved in their government.


nltnjnns said...

Hi Martie -

I truly believe that Obama will be a good president. I know that this is the Christmas morning before everyone opens their presents.

But he is doing the right things with his cabinet candidates.

I can hardly wait for competence in government, for a change.

BTW, nice job on the blog redesign; I missed your posts while that was happening.


Martie said...

Challenging times ahead for sure! Thanks for stopping by. Now for the major clean up! Holiday Project :-)