Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert dies

It feels like a meteor has hit the earth and created a huge crater in the earth's crust. He was a voice for all Americans and the standard bearer for truth telling. It feels like the earth has moved under our feet. How will we ever replace his voice, his passion, his commitment, his drive and his dedication to to our country? Thank you for your gift to all of us... You will be sorely missed.


nltnjnns said...

Hi Martie -

I did respect Tim Russert, until the lead up to the Iraq war.

I watched Meet the Press in dismay, as he provided a forum for Cheney and Rice, and other administration spokesmen.

Russert left them unchallenged, and basically did not live up to his own standards.

I believe he did later repent for his role in spreading the Iraq propaganda. And for that, I have a slightly gentler view of him.

Like Colin Powell, Russert's long and enlightened career will have that blemish.

By the way, I listening to J. Sachs as I'm writing this.

Keep up working for the causes!


Martie said...

Yup, it is true; he did give them a platform to spread their propaganda. Of course, people didn't know that at the time. He was asked about why he bought into it and he like so many others were concerned about the report that said that Iraq had a nuclear bomb and would use it against us. Who thought that the president, the vice president and his cabinet will use lies (or unverified rumors) to scare the American people into going to war with Iraq.

He and all of the media are guilty for not asking the tough questions. But he did regain his bearing and did realize he had been had and tried to make up for it.

I had to privilege of knowing some really die hard anti-war activists in the early days leading up to our going to war with Iraq, my husband for one. He did not go out and protest like others did. I knew people who did and rocks and bottles were thrown at them.

For me, Coin Powell was the one who had the biggest impact on me. I believed him and it worried me when he gave testimony to the United Nations about the mobile laboratories that were being used to evade the UN inspectors by Saddam.

Tim, like so many of us, was duped. For the longest time, I was ambivalent about the war. In principle I was firmly against it, but I also bought into some of the rhetoric that was being touted around by the "military analysts" who turned out to be talking heads for the Bush administration.

So I think many of us were guilty because we took the bait.

I hope there are journalists with his depth and breath who can help make sure the public is informed about what the real issues are this election. I'm sad for him that he can't see how it ends, but dying at work, doing what he loved to go... what a way to go. Don't we all wish we could be that lucky?

Thanks for stopping by. :-)


nltnjnns said...

Hi Martie -

Thank you for your even words.

I watched some of his memorial today, and felt humbled. A lot of folks respected and (in their words) loved him.


Martie said...

It's a huge loss for the 4th branch of government....