Monday, May 05, 2008

The We Campaign New Ads

We campaign has two new ads. They are part two of the Sharpton / Robertson and Pelosi / Gingrich ads. The message basically says, "all that's missing is you." I'm not yet sure how I feel about these ads. They are basically plain vanilla. Time will tell how effective they are.


adrian2514 said...

Hey! I agree about the WE commercials. They might have an impact depending on how much effort/money they put into their advertising campaign.

I was browsing through a bunch of green websites and blogs and I came across yours and found it very interesting. There are a bunch of others I like too, like the daily green, ecorazzi and I especially like’s carbon calculator ( I find it really easy to use (it doesn’t make me feel guilty after I take it).

Are there any others you would recommend? Can you drop me a link to your favorites (let me know if they are the same as mine).

Martie said...

I try to note exceptional blogs and resources on my blog so check them out. I have been doing this for five year and have built up quite a list. Also see my blog roll.

I'm going to check out your blog. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

Go green.

Martie said...

PS, leave me your URL.