Saturday, February 10, 2007

Why Rumsfield Got Fired

Hardball - Chris Matthews

Hardball - Chuck Todd 3
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Chris it tooting his own horn know about how it was his show and his questioning of the war caused Cheney's people to monitor his when he started asking question about the war based on Joe Wilson's op ed piece about nuclear weapons and his trip to Niger.

It is also noted in Wikipedia that he voted for George Bush in 2000. I guess he's allowed to regret his decision to vote for Bush. But everyone who did, needs to realize that they empowered the Neoconservatives to go to war with Iraq. Each death in Iraq, should be a reminder of that choice.

March 18th Demonstration

March 18th Demonstration
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James M Thorne.

Someone came to my door today and wanted to read to me the Bible. I wanted to ask her if she voted for George Bush.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Frank Luntz, the famed Republican pollster

Our book club is actually going to read Frank Luntz's book: "Words That Work: It's Not What You Say, It's What People Hear." Luntz says a recent GRIST interview that Environmentalist are just mean people. We say, Frank Lunz's face is the face of evil... chuckle. We wanted to contrast Lakoff's book and Lunz's book. Dueling linguists so to speak. Interestingly, today I got an appeal for Cato Institute asking me to donate $100. Along with the request is a 25 page letter re-defining "liberty", just like Lakoff said in his book, "Whose Freedom"?