Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sources: $4.6 billion settlement in power plant air pollution case

I hope this is the beginning of a new era, where companies that are destroying our atmosphere and our planet reaping their just rewards in monetary fines slapped on them. I like what someone said recently who was speaking for the National Wildlife Federation; “Environmentalists need to fight a war! If you aren’t a sore looser, you aren’t a good advocate for the environment.”


Kitterman's Khaos said...

Ditto. Where is the accountablity?
This is something that effects all of us, whether we want to close our eyes to it or not, it is happening.
I noticed you are in Florida, so am I, maybe you could write a bit about the TallevastRd. spill in Sarasota County. Its a sad state of affairs. I do not know what has been done to help heal all the tainted ground water. It used to be all over the news, but not anymore. Many people have gotten sick, and worse. Their homes are unsellable and their water undrinkable.
ty for what you do~

Martie said...

Don't know about it. Send me some links... I'd love to post something on it.
What is your blog address?

I.M. Small said...


Now even Alan Greenspan has admitted in his book
Large portion of the reason for invading overseas
Was to command the oil despite so many reveries
Applauding higher purpose--higher purpose with a crook.

Yet though hardly a lip had dared to utter it before
The subject kept itself not very far from people´s minds:
This plunder of the bedrock as commercial interest grinds
Remains immoral and excessive cause to go to war.

So long as high consumption is the ideal overarching
Then must competing teams against each other keep on marching,
Meanwhile, as oversaturate the human will is starching
On plastic products while the holy spirit has been parching:

It is a call for change,
And for restraint,
For sprawling suburbs that supplant the former grange and range,
Exist precarious and at best produce recycled taint.