Saturday, November 04, 2006

Our Oceans are Dying

I quit eating fish in 1995/96 when I learned about modern "commercial fishing" techniques and practices. The commercial fishing companies drag a huge net on the bottom of the ocean and scrape up every living thing, plant and animal. Then they haul it up on board and sort out the editable from the not editable. They pull up about 5,000 pound of sea life. Out of those 5,000 pounds they keep around 1,000 pounds and throw the rest overboard. The only problem is that by the time they throw it back in, they are all dead. This goes on day after day, boat after boat. There are huge dead zones in the ocean where nothing is growing.

That was nine years ago. My friends laughed at me and told me that I was ridiculous. Now experts are saying that our oceans are in trouble. In about fifty years, the fish populations will collapse if we keep consuming at the current rate. (Jared Diamond predicts this will happen to based on historical studies of societies and unsustainable practices.)

It's not me that's going to suffer. I won't be around then. It will be our children's children that will have to see the consequences of our sins.

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