Saturday, November 26, 2005

Why I blog

My blogging seems to come in spurts. People may ask, "Why Blog?" My husband asks me quite often, "who do you think is reading your blog anyway?" I try to explain to him that there are different reasons to blog. Some blogs are like a small neighborhood shop that neighbors frequent. Other blogs are bigger and are like a franchise and have name recognition. Then there are big blogs that are like corporations, and are the big players that have thousands reading them daily. I'm happy right now just being a small neighborhood blog that just my neighbors know about while I learn more about blogging, defining my voice and purpose etc. I do have a new found respect for "real" writers and have developed a new appreciation for those who make their living as word-craftsman. I now marvel at how well someone has been able to put into words concepts, feelings, observations that I'm just beginning to contemplate, much less articulate.

Blogging has been somewhat liberating for me. I have found that putting myself out there in the public arena to be an empowering experience. I've become much more vocal about things that matter to me and more confident about sharing those views with others. It has been a fun experience, even if only a few people are reading my blog! Thank you if you are one of my local neighbors visiting my blog.

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