Saturday, June 06, 2009

Serious Money is starting to cluster around Carbon reduction

Inhabitat reported on their blog about the World Wildlife Fund building a new Carbon Nuetral Headquarter. Inhabitat is an architectural blog that follows sustainable design for buildings. The design is news in and of itself, but the money going in to carbon reduction is the real story here. I'm sure an eco-giant like World Wildlife Fund has been wanting to do this for years. Now that the world is more aware of the danger of unregulated carbon, ( or at least those who believe in Science ) the money to do such projects is starting to move in this direction. This should bring a smile to every eco warrior. 

Example called Treebanking shows sustainable business practices; good for man and beast

I found this video from a new website called Ecosector. This video is about 4 minutes long and shows one strong example of how restoration of depleted rainforest can mean jobs for the local community while providing habitat and for animals. The next video titled, "Caterpillar" shows our current idea of growth. It is not sustainable.